Friday, June 17, 2016


    Whoa..... AWOL from this blog for quite a spell.  I'm surprised that Blogger kept me "live".  Lots has happened.  We'll start with the Old Man being diagnosed and treated for Prostate Cancer.  Yep. The C-word.  Prostate surgery and all went well.  Wow, modern robotic surgery is pretty impressive! And now the motto in our house..... "Prostate Free, Way to Be!"  And cancer free is the way to be, too.   Men! Get checked!
     We have had a great-grandbaby born into the family, Uncle Nonnie has been accepted into the Radiology Tech program at a local college, Flyboy came from Las Vegas to visit us.  The Old Man has been traveling to the various "Cons" with Jimmy the Squid on weekends, selling Hello Kitty and Anime accouterments.    So many other activities and events....
     I've been cranking out projects over this past how ever long it's been.  Seem to have lost all ability to keep up with documenting all of them.  Working at the cheese counter four days a week and my days off seem to blur. Would very much like a slow down of days.  Bought a new sewing machine, so I am thrilled to get back into some serious sewing projects.  This is always difficult as I have to use the dining table to sew and then clear it off to eat.  Sigh.  Knitting, as always, and always knitting socks besides the other projects.  At least the knitting can travel with me through my day.

Looking forward to some quiet porch time this summer.  Probably should put a few flowers out.....

Today's Bible Verse - "The steps of a man are established by the LORD,
And He delights in his way." Psalm 37:23