Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baby Bow Tie Hat - Knitted in the Round

I used sport weight acrylic yarn at a gauge of 5.5 stitches per inch.
You will also need a 16 inch circular needle and double pointed needles.

With sport weight yarn and size US4, 16 inch cable needle (that's the size I used) cast on 72 stitches, join and knit in the round for about 1.25 inches (this makes the roll edge). Then work 7 ridges or 14 rows of garter stitch (in the round you will knit 1 round then purl the next, repeat those 2 rounds). Afterwards, knit every row until the piece measures 3.5 inches from the rolled edge (leave it rolled). Change to double point needles and work decreases for the top as follows:

Rnd 1 - K7, K2tog around
Rnd 2 - knit
Rnd 3 - K6, K2tog around
Rnd 4 - knit
Rnd 5 - K5, K2tog around
Rnd 6 - knit
Rnd 7 - K4, K2tog around
Rnd 8 - knit
Rnd 9 - K3, K2tog around
Rnd 10 - knit
Rnd 11- K2, K2tog around
Rnd 12 - K1, K2tog around
Rnd 13 - K2tog around

There are now 8 stitches left. Divide them in half, placing 4 stitches on each of two DPN's. Working on one needle of 4 stitches, K1, K2tog, K1 - 3 stitches. Now work an I-cord on these three stitches for 7 inches. Repeat this I-chord process on the other needle. Weave in the tails and tie the I-cords into a bow.